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March 18, 2013 – Spring Training Day #34 (OFF)

Wei-Yin Chen (SP) on his outing in an Orioles minor league game.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
I tried my best, but these minor leaguers swing at every pitch I throw, so it messed up my tempo a little bit. I wouldn't complain about the defense because, even in the major leagues, you always have errors behind you.  I still worked on my stuff. That's the only thing I wanted to do today.

March 17, 2013 – Spring Training Day #33 (Split Squad: 7-1 WIN vs. Twins; 5-3 LOSS at Phillies)

Steve Johnson (SP/RP) talks about the 5th starter competition after turning in another solid start of his own. (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
You saw it at the end of last year, how every start out there someone had to get the job done or they were going to find someone else to do it for the next time around.  Every time out was like, to be announced, and I think that puts a little pressure on you and kind of makes you perform a little better. It's a lot of fun going out there with so much on the line. Its definitely good to get those zeroes. It's a weird situation, to be honest with you, because you're friends with the guys and you want everyone to do well. You don't want anyone to go out there and put up an eight-spot, even if it may help you. It's a weird situation because you want everyone to go out there and have a good outing. When they come in, you say, 'Way to deal.' You're rooting for everybody and doing what you can control and then putting it into the coaches hands. I can't affect Jake's outing or Britton's or Jurrjens'. I'm going out there and doing what I can do, and Buck (Showalter) and Dan (Duquette) will decide.
Adam Jones (CF) returns to camp after the USA is eliminated from the World Baseball Classic and discusses getting a bit hit earlier in the tournament against Canada. (MASNsports.com - Steve Melewski)
That was pretty cool.  A big hit in a big situation. We played Canada and you know they would have never let that go. (Luis) Ayala put a big sombrero atop my locker today. That is pretty cool, he represents his country (Mexico) even though he is playing in the United States. It is nice to see how prideful players are about their countries.

March 16, 2013 – Spring Training Day #32 (3-1 WIN at Blue Jays)

Rule 5 pick T.J. McFarland (SP/RP) on the adjustments he has made in camp and the results he is starting to see from them.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
It's a small, little thing.  Earlier in camp, I was looking at video and [pitching coach] Rick [Adair]  was telling me that my hips weren't really getting toward the plate. They were going toward first base," McFarland said. "I had to kind of adjust and move my hips more toward the plate so I could get through the ball, where before, the ball was leaking or I was throwing it way outside. Now, I'm getting the action that I normally get on the plate as opposed to it being a ball. Those are tough things. You can't really make those adjustments on the mound. That would be a pretty good adjustment if you could do it while you were doing your outing. It was just a minor thing we worked on in the 'pen and it's been working. Small, little adjustment, but it's been working.
Showalter on what has become a fierce competition for the 5th starter's spot and the decision on who will make the 25-man roster.  (MASNsports.com - Steve Melewski)
When those conversations come, they are going to be very frank and honest.  It's their lives, their careers. It is why you spend 30 minutes with them to let them know there is thought behind it. If you lie to a guy one time, he'll never forgive you and you've lost that relationship. Guess what? Sometimes he might be right and you might be wrong. As long as they take the disappointment in the right direction, I'm OK. And the direction is toward helping the Orioles win a championship. There are going to be some people that are capable of doing the job, but that is the whole idea about Triple-A, isn't it? We haven't had that issue much.

March 15, 2013 – Spring Training Day #31 (3-3 TIE vs Red Sox)

Showalter discusses Zach Britton's (SP) strong outing and how the pitchers in general are starting to get closer to where they need to be. (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
I thought he [Britton] started throwing the ball pretty well his last time out and this one, he took the next step. I think guys know where the finish line is and the opportunities they're getting. It happens a lot this time of spring. The arms start coming a little bit. I think you saw it some with Tommy (Hunter) and (T.J.) McFarland, and you've seen it with Britton and (Brian) Matusz. It's good.
Showalter on whether the Orioles would prefer to have Ryan Flaherty (UTL IF) play every day in AAA or make the Major League team if he is the best person for the job.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
There's two sides to that.  We're going to do what makes the Baltimore Orioles the best the first game of the year and the second game of the year and the third game of the year and so on. We've got some other people who can do that too, though. It's not just Ryan.

March 14, 2013 – Spring Training Day #30 (4-3 LOSS vs. Rays)

Kevin Gausman (SP) on the most important thing he has learned so far in his first big league camp.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
Off the field, just kind of being good to the guys, being a good teammate.  On the field, just kind of learning myself, learning what kind of pitcher I am. And I think the quicker you learn that, the more success you're going to have.
Buck Showalter on why he stresses the importance of his pitchers being quick to the plate with their deliveries.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
I remember meeting with the pitchers last year and I did it again this year. Why would you not take advantage of a great commodity like Matt Wieters throwing? If you give him a chance, he's going to throw them out. It's about decreasing 90-foot increments.

March 13, 2013 – Spring Training Day #29 (9-4 WIN at Twins)

Brian Matusz (SP/RP) on the possibility of making the starting rotation after a dominant 4-inning, no-hit, 7 strikeout start against the Twins (Orioles.com)
That's really up for [Showalter] to decide.  For me, I'm going out there every outing to pitch my best and give the team a chance to win, and just keep building.
Nick Markakis (OF) discusses whether he will be ready for Opening Day (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
I'm confident that I'm going to be OK.  Whether I'm there opening day or not, that's on how my body reacts and how I feel. If, say, I were to miss opening day, I don't plan on missing too much time. Maybe a week if necessary. But everything I've heard and talking to the doctors, I should be fine, I should be ready to go for opening day. It's just a matter of getting back in the swing of things, start hitting again, throwing and getting in some games.

March 12, 2013 – Spring Training Day #28 (OFF - Intrasquad)

Showalter on the diagnosis of a small, herniated disc in Nick Markakis' (OF) neck which will require a one to two week recovery period.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
The good news is he felt better yesterday, so that's good. Inactive and then you can do the math on when he'll start playing again, hopefully.  We'd like for it to be nothing, just a spasm, but when you start talking about that, you hope you get that type of prognosis.
Jair Jurrjens (SP) on his continued improvement this Spring (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
Every time I go out there, I'm trying to improve on everything. I'm trying to work on things in spring training, and so far it's motivated me to go out there and see the improvement. It's the best feeling to go out there and see improvement every time. The main thing is I'm pain-free and I'm getting confident on the mound again.

March 11, 2013 – Spring Training Day #27 (4-3 LOSS at Pirates)

Jake Arrieta talks about making in-game adjustments after his solid 4-inning, scoreless start (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
From pitch to pitch, that's a big thing for me and for most guys. There will be times that I get away from my delivery on a certain pitches, but if I can get locked in on a 1-0 count or if I happen to locate a pitch but don't feel great about the way I executed it, I can kind of bounce back and make that adjustment. For where I'm at in my career, I'm getting to the point where I can see those adjustments so much quicker and it's a good feeling.
Brian Roberts on the excitement of Spring Training (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
I think every year provides its own excitement, you know?  My first two or three or four years in the big leagues, you're trying to establish yourself, you're excited about where your future is headed and obviously you're hoping that you're going to win at the same time. And then, you know, you get through those middle years, and I had some major injuries that I was excited in trying to come back from. Every year has its own excitement, individually and team-wise, but as a whole with people looking at us as a team, and where we think we have the capabilities of going, probably with the 25-man roster, yes, it's as excited as anybody's been in here in a long time.

March 10, 2013 – Spring Training Day #26 (5-2 LOSS vs. Pirates)

Buck Showalter praises Miguel Gonzalez (SP) despite mixed results in outing (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
I think he's throwing the ball good. I'm really happy with Miguel. Can tell he's had a good off-season. Looks stronger. Looks pretty fresh. Ball is coming out of his hand good. Crisp. Feel good about him.
Buck discusses Ryan Flaherty (UTL IF/OF)  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
He's not a Rule 5 guy that we didn't know that walked into camp. He did well last year. Whether he was a Rule 5 draft pick or not last year, he would have made our club, so we'll see where it takes us. Proud of the way he came in, I think winter ball, it was good for him. Ryan can be an everyday player at some point. I'm not going to use his versatility against him. It's an asset - an asset for us as a team, but also he's a guy that can man down a position for us or somebody for a long time.

March 9, 2013 – Spring Training Day #25 (5-2 WIN at Red Sox)

Showalter reveals that Nick Markakis (OF) will have an MRI done after his neck stiffness as failed to go away (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
Richie (Bancells) talked to Dr. (John) Wilckens about it.  I'm not going to downplay it. We'll see. When you get something that has kind of cropped up twice, information is a good thing. Until you get all the information ... so we'll see. I haven't been told anything to make me think there's a sense of urgency with that. I asked Nick about it and he goes, 'Whatever.' We'll see.
Dylan Bundy (SP) discusses his velocity against Boston, which was in the 90-93 MPH range (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
Last year, I was throwing harder, but I'm still working on some things, trying to figure out what I was doing in high school ball and trying to get back to it.
Kevin Gausman reflects on his very good 3-inning outing against Boston (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
I felt good and that's the biggest thing.  I felt comfortable out there. It was fun. It's always fun to go out there and pitch in a place that you haven't been. It's a great atmosphere and fun to be out there.

March 8, 2013 – Spring Training Day #24 (6-3 WIN at Pirates)

Buck Showalter on Wei-Yin Chen (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
He was in a good place.  Arm feels good. He feels good physically, and I like where he is. We've just got to keep him where the finish line is.
Buck on the newly married Caleb Joseph (C) who caught in today's game (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
He's in deep love.

March 7, 2013 – Spring Training Day #23 (11-10 WIN vs. Blue Jays)

Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr. on the Orioles' starting pitching for 2013  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
To me, what I like is they have a lot of depth in their starting staff, a lot of choices. And choices are sometimes hard to make, but last year, the starting staff of the Orioles looked one way in the first half, and in the second half, it looked a little different. (Chris) Tillman threw well and (Miguel) Gonzalez there well. Coming into this year, you have more choices and more opportunities, and that makes me feel good because you never know what's going to happen. You can't have too much depth in your starting staff. And they look like a confident ballclub. They proved that they could execute and play well.
Ripken on Buck Showalter (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
He pulled me in there and asked me about a couple bunt plays they were thinking of doing.  He has this passion for the game. He's a true thinker. Old school and a little new school all at the same time. I always thought he was a fantastic baseball guy, had success wherever he went. He seems to be evolving and becoming a better leader overall. It almost seems like the team looks at him a little bit more in a fatherly sort of way, which is cool.

March 6, 2013 – Spring Training Day #22 (19-7 WIN vs. Spain)

Steve Pearce (OF/1B/DH) comments on the the competition for the final bench spot  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
"Everybody I'm competing with, we all play the same positions.  They're all versatile. But I played with this team a lot last year. They know who I am. Hopefully that will be a factor.
Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Dan Duquette on Henry Urrutia (OF) and where he might play this season.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
Obviously, we want him to get himself in shape first and we'll see where it goes. If he can get himself in shape and we can come back and take a look at him later in spring training, we'll see where he fits in with our big league club and then we can make a better assessment. But based on his experience and his age and how he goes about his business, from what I've seen, I'm like him - we didn't sign him to play in the minor leagues. If he needs to go to the minor leagues to get his game back and get some of the rust off, that's fine, but we'll find out a little more about his bat. I think his bat is pretty advanced.

March 5, 2013 – Spring Training Day #21 (6-6 TIE at Blue Jays)

Jair Jurrjens (SP) on his continued progress this Spring (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
I feel really good.  I fixed what I wanted to fix. I feel the ball was coming out really good. Walks are a problem for me, especially with two outs. You walk a guy with two outs, he's going to come around and score somehow. I began to leave some balls up.
Conor Jackson (1B/OF) on what it might take to make the team out of Spring Training (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
Buck is a little-things-in-the-game type of guy. It's not going to be whoever hits the best. I think it's going to be the overall aspect of baserunning and where to be on a play on defense. It's all the little things that are going to accumulate throughout the spring and be the final decision-maker.

March 4, 2013 – Spring Training Day #20 (OFF DAY)

Conor Jackson (1B/OF) discusses his mindset in trying to make the club (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
Coming into camp, I knew that I had to come out strong right away to have a shot at making the club. That's my goal. Kind of focus, as cliché as it sounds, every day and every at-bat, you've got to grind it out and you've got to take it like it's Game 7 of the World Series. That's kind of my mindset right now.

March 3, 2013 – Spring Training Day #19 (12-3 WIN vs. Phillies)

Showalter on Miguel Gonzalez after his first Grapefruit League start.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
You know him. He smiles easily, he's engaging, but he's a competitive guy.  You see him bounce off the mound on a bunt. He competes now. And when he doesn't do what he's capable of doing, he isn't a happy guy. He can, I wouldn't say 'brood,' but he can convey feelings of unhappiness with himself.
Buck Showalter on Nick Markakis missing the game due to "neck spasms".  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
Richie (Bancells) came back in to our meeting, because (Markakis) was in our lineup originally, and said he was a no-go. The proverbial crick in the neck, spasm. Don't want to take it lightly. The doctors checked him out and they don't think there's any structural issues - back or disc or any of that stuff. But until he's completely recovered, ... we'll see.  He didn't say he wanted to come out, but he couldn't (play). He knew that. When you don't get much argument from him ...

March 2, 2013 – Spring Training Day #18 (4-1 LOSS at Rays)

Wei-Yin Chen(SP) after his first Grapefruit League start of 2013.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
I'm really excited. I feel really good. It's been too long for me.  I think my command and breaking ball control is getting better and better this year.
Buck Showalter on prospect Jonathan Schoop (SS/2B/3B)  playing for the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
Schoop got hit with a pitch. In the shoulder. Not that I was watching.

March 1, 2013 – Spring Training Day #17 (6-5 WIN vs. Pirates)

Adam Jones (CF) on his desire to play every day.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
I'm going to break Cal's record.  I'm going after Cal. Cal is in my sights. Sixteen more years. But that's my goal.  If I show up at the ballpark, I'd rather play than sit. I'd rather play than have a day off. That's just my mentality.  We have days off.  We have a few scheduled days off during the season, and I take those off and I don't do anything. If I come to the ballpark and I'm not injured, I pretty much want to play. And days I don't see my name in the lineup, you can't veto the manager, but I'd go in his office and say, 'I want to play. I'd rather play than sit out.'
Jason Hammel (SP) discusses how it felt pitching with two healthy knees for the first time in a year.  (Orioles.com)
I made a goal for me in the offseason to be able to come out and pitch without a brace.  So, check that one off the list . . . I can feel my lower half, it's not more of just trying to build momentum to get towards the plate because I didn't have the backside push. I felt outstanding.
Brian Roberts (2B) on his 3-3 afternoon, which included his first home run since April, 2011.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
I think everything from my standpoint right now is confidence builders, to know that your bat speed is still there, that you can still do things you used to be able to do when you haven't played in a little while.  It's not necessarily all result-driven by any means, but it's certainly being able to square balls up consistently and drive balls. And I think so far that's been a positive.

February 28, 2013 – Spring Training Day #16 (7-1 LOSS at Twins)

Jair Jurrjens discusses his struggles in his second Spring outing (Orioles.com)
My timing today was way off.  Yes, [it's] a mechanics issue. I think I have been having bad habits for a couple of years. I just got to figure out how to get the good habits back, the good timing. Get that feel back.
Buck Showalter on Cuban outfielder Henry Urrutia who finally arrived in the United States after a long layover in Hatti while awaiting a visa.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
There's a lot of unknown about what kind of shape he's in, in more ways than one. Parasites, different things you've got to rule out.  He hasn't been paid yet.  He hasn't been paid a penny until everything passes. It's cash and carry here. But I look forward to getting him in. I know he is.

February 27, 2013 – Spring Training Day #15 (10-7 WIN vs. Yankees; 5-3 WIN at Red Sox)

Chris Tillman (SP) talks about his first Spring outing (Orioles.com)
First time out, I'm not really disappointed.  I felt OK. Command was spotty, at best. I guess you kind of expect it for first time out. Other than that, I felt pretty good.
Danny Valencia (3B) on being asked to play 1B in Spring Training
I didn't think anything about it. Just do it. Obviously, you want to make the team and versatility is a good thing.

February 26, 2013 – Spring Training Day #14 (RAINOUT vs. Pirates)

How does Adam Jones (CF) feel about the Baseball media picking the Orioles to take a big step back in 2013?  (Peter Schmuck - Baltimore Sun)
Sometimes I wish the media would just shut the hell up.
Adam Jones on pre-season predictions.  (Peter Schmuck - Baltimore Sun)
If you try to predict like everybody else around baseball, you end up making yourself look like a [fool], like we made a lot of people look like last year.  I thought in the real world, people allow things to develop before they form opinions, but I guess not.  Where were the Red Sox supposed to be last year? The Angels were supposed to win the whole circuit and they didn't even get to the playoffs. You can't predict anything in life. You can't. So why try? People try continuously to predict things you can't predict, so good luck with that.
Jones on the consensus National opinion that Baltimore got "lucky" in 2012.  (Peter Schmuck - Baltimore Sun)
[Former Red Sox Manager] Bobby Valentine said, 'Oh, the Orioles are lucky, they're getting lucky breaks.  This was after 115 games. There is not one person who can be lucky doing something 100 times. You can't do anything 100 times and be lucky.  We played good baseball. That's the thing. People want to say the Red Sox had a bad year. The Yankees had a good year. Tampa had a good year. The Orioles overachieved. How did we overachieve, because we went out and won? You guys just hadn't seen it forever, so it kind of shocked the hell out of everybody instead of just like going with it.
Adam Jones has heard enough.  (Peter Schmuck - Baltimore Sun)
We don't want any credit.  Just say we overachieved. I'd rather them just say we're really not that good. We just overachieved, so we can just keep moving on, because we don't care. Just keep thinking that. I don't think there's a person in this clubhouse who gives a damn about anybody who wants to predict what we're going to do.
Buck Showalter spoke with MLB Network's Peter Gammons for a candid interview.
[on the playoffs]  "You get a chance to roll the dice in October, anything can happen." [on how fun the 2012 season was]   "It was a blast, period.  I enjoyed that team and this team coming, regardless of what happens, because they got it.  They got the essence.  To see them get a return for what they were putting into it.  I had a great seat."   [on the 2012/2013 Orioles]  "That group and this group is about team . . . They didn't let outside influence.  The biggest liar is 'they say'." [on Baltimore as a Baseball town]  "There is a sincere passion for not only baseball but the Orioles.  The Ravens tapped into a lot of it and now everybody says, 'Are you going to follow the Ravens'? I like to think they followed us." [on Yankee and Red Sox fans]  "They can come down.  We'll take their money."

February 25, 2013 – Spring Training Day #13 (5-1 WIN vs. Yankees)

Buck Showalter discusses Brian Roberts'  (2B) day where he hit two doubles, scored twice, and forced a balk.  (MASNSports.com -  School of Roch)
He's done that before. He can do that. He's capable of it. He put some good swings on the ball today. Brian's going to be as good as he's capable of being for us this year. We'll see. He's got all the other part of it in place. He's getting there. I'm not going to get too over the top with the playing time, but he wants to. You can see how engaged he is. And it's exciting for him to get out there with his teammates, especially with that group he's played with for a couple games, really four games counting intrasquad. We've got a long way to go.
Brian Matusz (SP/RP) on his solid (two innings, no runs) Spring debut.  (MASNSports.com - School of Roch)
It was nice to get out there and get the first one out of the way, kind of get in the rhythm again.  It's been a while since I've been a starter. It's nice to work on the routine again and try and find that. Out there on the mound, working well with (Matt) Wieters and the group, establishing the fastball. Threw some changeups, got a couple of ground balls out of it.
Matt Wieters discusses the team's mindset going into the 2013 season.  (MLB.com - Richard Justice)
We thought we were good last year before anyone noticed that we were good.  The only difference is that the experience from last year is something we can use to our advantage. We know what worked last year, and we can tweak some of the things that didn't work. It's nice to get to the playoffs, but our goals still aren't done as an organization. We still have to get better.

February 24, 2013 – Spring Training Day #12 (5-4 WIN @ Blue Jays)

Kevin Gausman (SP) on pitching 1 2/3 innings in his Spring debut.  Gausman hit 98 on the radar gun with his fastball and showed his above average change up.  (The Baltimore Sun)
It was good.  I felt good. I was a little amped up there at the start. Obviously, I should be. It was kind of a big highlight in my life, so it was kind of cool . .  My changeup was like it is all the time. It felt great. It was coming out of my hand real easy and had some good late sink to it. I was pretty happy with it.
Jair Jurrjens (SP) on hitting 93 in his first Grapefruit League game of the season after sitting in the upper 80's with his fastball in 2012 due to linger injuries. (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
It shows how hard I worked this offseason.  I think last year, I can count how many times I hit 93 in the whole season. For the first game in spring training, to go out and throw 93 the first game, for me it was a really big accomplishment.
Buck Showalter praises Ryan Flaherty (2B/SS) for his play at shortstop during the O's 5-4 victory of the Blue Jays and for his general attitude this Spring as the former Rule V draft pick attempts to make the team out of ST.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
He's had a real good start.  It looks like he played in the big leagues last year. You saw him last spring. He had a play glove-side yesterday where he stopped, set his feet, his clock slowed down. Last year, he would have let that ball go as soon as it hit his glove. There was a chopper he stayed back on.  At the end of the game yesterday, if you looked out there and said, 'Who's the big leader?' it would have been Flaherty, just the way he's carrying himself a little differently. You can tell he feels like he can do this and belongs. Nothing like starting a couple playoff games. That helps, too.

February 23, 2013 – Spring Training Day #11 (5-3 WIN vs. Twins)

Buck Showalter on Chris Davis (1B) who made three fine defensive plays in his Spring debut. (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
It's there. There's no doubt in my mind it's there.  He's off to a good start. He's had a great week of work down here. Today, they hit some balls that he could impact the game on defensively, and he did.  The ability to play first base at a high level is there.
Zach Britton (SP) discussed his scoreless one inning of work in the Orioles Grapefruit League opener. (Orioles.com)
I haven't pitched in Spring Training in a whole year.  It's nice to get out there. I felt pretty good. You build off this one and go get 'em the next time.
Top prospect Dylan Bundy (SP) assesses his 1st Spring Training outing - a mixed bag where he gave up two hits, one walk, no runs, and struck out two. (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
First batter was good.  Other than that, I was a little wild at times. Got behind in the count, 1-0. It didn't leave me a lot of options early in spring training to throw a lot of breaking stuff. I got out of the inning. That's important.  I expect better than that from myself. But no runs. That walk kind of gets to me a little bit. I'll have two or three days off before I get in another game.

February 22, 2013 – Spring Training Day #10

Tsuyoshi Wada (SP) pitched off a half-mound again in preparation for Monday when he will throw off of a full mound for the first time since undergoing Tommy John surgery last May.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
It's gradually getting better and better, day by day.  Today was more like getting ready for Monday. That's the whole purpose for today's half-mound and it went well, so I'm happy about that.  I still think it's a big step, but it's more like a beginning, too.  I'm going to have to go through a lot of different steps to get back, too, and I know about that.
Troy Patton talks about he feels entering Spring Training knowing he likely has a spot in Baltimore's Opening Day bullpen.  (MASNsports.com - School of Roch)
There's good lefties to compete with.  We're stocked full of pitching, so I don't think of it that way. I'm more secure because I did sign a one-year deal, so that makes me feel better about my security in general, but my place on the team, it doesn't feel any different, really. . . I shouldn't say I feel the same.  I feel much closer to my teammates. Last season was a good bonding situation through the close games that we played. We went through a lot together, so I feel much closer to every one of these guys that are important guys on the team. That's a benefit.

February 21, 2013 – Spring Training Day #9

18-time Olympic Gold medalist (and Orioles fan) Michael Phelps on taking batting practice with the team this morning.  (Orioles.com)
It's my first time taking BP, so it was a cool experience.  Being able to do that with these guys and especially after a remarkable season and hopefully they have a good one coming up. These guys are just normal guys -- they are funny guys, they are just out here having fun and I enjoyed being around them.
Buck Showalter talks about Steve Johnson (SP) who did not throw in today's intra-squad game.  (MASNsports.com)
It's like we told you last year, we weren't going to overlook him and we didn't.  There's not many guys in this camp with the younger guys with a little bit less experience that have the numbers he's got in Triple-A last season and what he continued in the big leagues. So, trying to keep in mind, too, that because of the knee he had last year, we had to kind of back off his conditioning. We thought we might have had to slow play him early and catch up some on the offseason work he normally does, but he's catching up real quick. He had a good outing yesterday.
Buck Showalter on 2012 1st Round draft pick, Kevin Gausman (SP), after Gausman retired all four batters he faced in an intrasquad game this afternoon.  (MASNsports.com)
You can see why everybody things so highly of him. He's got a great delivery and does a lot of things to make himself successful. The change up he has should play better at higher levels. He's one of those guys who looks real comfortable on the mound."

February 20, 2013 – Spring Training Day #8

Buck Showalter on non-roster invitee Adam Russell (RP).  (MASNsports.com)
You can see why he's been well thought of.  We'll see where he is. Obviously, a strong-willed guy, what's going on with him personally. We're just trying to create a good environment for him. It's kind of like a haven for him with some of the things that are going on. You can tell he's at peace here at the ballpark.
Steve Johnson (SP) discussing his solid outing in today's intra-squad game.  (MASNsports.com)
I threw mainly fastballs and I got ahead. I threw one curveball and got a broken-bat grounder on it, and I threw one slider and got a fly out. I hung it a little bit. I was just trying to throw everything, but that's the hitters' first time seeing live pitching, so I just wanted to throw strikes and pound the zone. I was able to do that, which is good.  The first outing, you never know what you're going to get, but it felt good.
Mark Hendrickson (RP) on the benefits of throwing sidearm as a reliever.  (Orioles.com)
Some teams ... if you don't throw 95 you don't make their bullpen.  The way Buck thinks, he's not afraid to think outside the box. And I think if you talk to hitters, if you go through the course of a game, now all of a sudden you are getting different looks for hitters. Sometimes that's all you need for that one at-bat you are going to face them. So I think it's just looking at each guy and what they bring to the table, and obviously seeing if they can help your ballclub. It just depends on the organizational thinking and the manager, too.

February 19, 2013 – Spring Training Day #7

Nolan Reimold (OF/DH) discusses the mobility in his neck now that he is 8 months removed from surgery.  (Brittany Ghrioli)
It’s still a work in progress. It’s only been 7 ½ months. The neck is fused, but it still takes [time] the neck is still loosening up. the mobility doesn’t really affect me when I’m hitting or swinging or anything. that’s not a problem. I got a lot of strength back, I’m pretty far along, but there’s still progress to be made. Which it will,  because I’m getting better and better and better.
Conor Jackson (OF/1B) on back issues that shut him down for the rest of the day. (MASNsports.com)
It was just a little back issue. Nothing crazy.  With three days left before games start, just want to be careful about it. Kind of what the trainers preach from day one. If you've got something, you don't want to let it linger. I don't think it will linger.  I hadn't taken ground balls in a while, so it was kind of a new body movement for me, I guess. I don't think it's going to be a stupid-long period of time.  I don't think it's anything crazy. Just want to be careful with it. The worst thing you can do is let something like this linger.

February 18, 2013 – Spring Training Day #6

Darren O'Day (RP) on finalizing a two-year contract (with a team option for the 2015 season) today.  (Baltimore Sun)
They [the Orioles] gave me an opportunity and they kept running me out there last year, and I hope I did what they expected.  And now maybe this is them saying they believe in me and they want to keep me around and be part of what's going on here. It's really a good time to be a Baltimore Oriole, to bring a winning team, some winning baseball, back to Baltimore. To be a part of that is pretty awesome, and hopefully I can be a part of that for a few more years.
Tsuyoshi Wada (SP) on throwing off a half-mound today and the fact that he is ahead of schedule with his rehab from Tommy John surgery.  (MASNsports.com)
This was the first time actually throwing hard on the half-mound. About 70 percent to 80 percent. . . The plan for now I have heard is I will throw long toss and a half-mound again Wednesday and Friday, and starting next Monday, I will be on the mound. That's what I have heard. A regular mound. . . I do feel better day by day.  There was a good tightness after I threw, in my elbow. It was a good tightness. This was a real good day for me.
Dan Duquette (Executive VP of Baseball Operations) on why the organization felt O'Day was worthy of a multi-year contract.  (Orioles.com)
He was terrific.  That kind of player, who is very dependable, has a lot of value to the Orioles. That's why we decided to enter a multiyear agreement with him. Beyond that, if you take a look at the body of his work, he's in the top 10 relief pitchers over the last four years in ERA and WHIP, which is another sign of his dependability. So, we're happy to enter into a long-term agreement with him. The leadership he shows with the team I think adds a lot to the bullpen and the stability of our bullpen.

February 17, 2013 – Spring Training Day #5

Alexi Casilla (UTL IF) on how he believes he can contribute to the Orioles offensively and his issues with the Minnesota Twins' approach to hitting. (Orioles.com)
I know I can hit.  In the Twins' organization, they didn't let me do what I know I have to do.  They were always changing things. When you play like that, it's kind of hard sometimes, you know. I know what I'm doing wrong by myself. Sometimes when something is not giving you good results, you know from there what you are doing wrong.
Buck Showalter talks about how he would like to move J.J. Hardy out of the #2 spot in the order.  (MASNsports.com)
I wanted to last year.  I think his skill set serves him better and our team better somewhere else, but I'm not committed to that yet. Just like last year, he was our best option there and he did a good job for us. But I think we could put him in a better position to do what he does best if I can get him down some.  It's one of the things I'm hoping we feel comfortable doing when we break here.
Jair Jurrjens (SP) after his first bullpen session with the Orioles. (MASNsports.com)
This is the first time I had a pitching coach behind me to pick out some things I'm doing bad with my mechanics. I think from now, my bullpens are going to keep getting better and better. It's going to become easier for me.  I got into some bad habits the last few years with my mechanics. My body would want to do the wrong mechanics. I'm just trying to correct them every time I throw a pitch and make sure I'm feeling my delivery during the whole pitch, and then I can correct it myself, too.

February 16, 2013 – Spring Training Day #4

Brian Roberts (2B) discussing if batting first in the lineup will effect how his happiness this upcoming season.  (WBAL Hot Stove Show)
No, definitely not.  It is something I want to do and relish doing.  Its my job to show that I am the guy they want there.  Its something I relish doing.  If I end up hitting ninth, so be it; I can contribute just as much no matter where I am but its on my radar to go out there and try to bat first.
Jair Jurrjens (SP) - who officially signed with the Orioles today -  on his contract being altered from a guaranteed Major League deal worth $1.5 million guarantees to a Minor League deal (MASNsports.com)
It was a big league deal and they adjusted it because of the concern and made it a minor league deal. If I'm out there and can stay on the mound, I know what I can do. A lot of people know what I can do. I'm just going to come here and show everybody that I'm healthy and I can pitch again. . . The knee is fine. No setbacks this offseason. I was able to do everything I wanted to do. It felt good. I'm really happy with the way the offseason went. The physical was different and more stressful than I wanted it to be, but I feel good.
Dan Duquette (Executive VP of Baseball Operations) on finalizing Jair Jurrjens Minor League after originally agreeing on a Major League deal more than three weeks ago.  (MASNsports.com)
I think that the team was more comfortable with a minor league deal and there's some safeguards for the player in there, as well. At least we have a chance to work together and see if we can help him be a good big league pitcher. If you look in the book, it's hard to find players with that kind of record at his age. He's a highly skilled pitcher. Great control. And we just thought it was interesting to get involved with him.
Travyon Robinson (OF) on finding out that he cleared waivers today (and will therefore remain with the Orioles) after being designated for assignment on February 8th. (Orioles.com)
"It was just a week of misery, just thinking about it.  At the end of the day, I just want to get on the field and play. . . I didn't give up hope.  I can still make it to the big leagues, and it starts here -- it starts in Spring Training. I just want a long look, a long look to show what I can do at the big league level. I never really stayed in Spring Training long enough to even get somebody to look at me. Like last year, I was with the Mariners, I was playing good, [but] I just got sent down. I want a long look, I want somebody to look at me and see that what I did in the Minors, it's not a fluke. I just want to go out there and play.

February 15, 2013 – Spring Training Day #3

Buck Showalter sharing a conversation he had with Nolan Reimold (LF/DH) (MASNsports.com)
I had a little conversation with Nolan yesterday.  I think he needs to know that if he's not running on all cylinders the first week, somebody's not going to ... I expect that if he's healthy, he's on our club. If he shows us he's healthy and recovered and doing the things he's capable of doing. That's what I wanted him to hear from me yesterday.
Brian Roberts (2B) on his mindset at the beginning of camp (Orioles.com)
I still feel like, barring anything else -- I don't mean any disrespect to anyone -- but I still feel like I'm our best option.  I still feel like I can provide a lot to this team. I still feel like the guys in this room want me out there, and know I can provide something. That's the way I approach it. I approach it every day that I'm going to be the second baseman until they tell me something else.
Showalter on Roberts (Brittany Ghrioli)
There are some really good things that are going on in his life right now that have been a challenge.  I never say never about hitting the bottom, but there are just a lot of arrows pointing up for him. There are a lot of arrows pointing up for him…He’s said to me that he hasn’t been physically or really mostly mentally where he is right now in a long time.

February 14, 2013 – Spring Training Day #2

Non-roster invitee Mark Hendrickson (RP) on his transformation to side-arm pitcher at the age of 38 (Baltimore Sun)
To be honest, I'm a completely different pitcher than anybody's ever seen.  Down there, you can kind of mess with some grips and see how it comes out. Slower, firmer. I've talked to Darren [O'Day] and see how he throws stuff down there. I like what I got for feedback as far as the spin today with the couple that I did throw, so that was good.
Non-roster invitee Zach Braddock (RP) on his recovery from a July surgery to repair a torn labrum in his pitching (left) shoulder. (Orioles.com)
I'm happy with where I'm at. I think the general idea is mutual with the understanding of just preparing me to become an asset for the Orioles.  Six months out, I'm throwing and it feels great.
2012 1st Round pick Kevin Gausman (SP) on being the rookie in camp. (MASNsports.com)
They're always on me, all over me.  I'm the rookie here, but they've been cool, they've been funny.  O'Day calls me 'Dunkin' because of my donuts thing. I guess that's my new nickname. They haven't really been giving me any advice, just kind of getting down the bunt plays and that kind of stuff.

February 13, 2013 – Spring Training Day #1

Buck Showalter on Rule 5 Draft pick T.J. McFarland (Baltimore Sun) 
He was impressive today.  It's kind of nice. You see so much tape of these guys coming in and you read so many reports, and to be able to actually see them live, it's always a different look. Quickly, you can see why he's had success, the deception he has in his delivery. McFarland was maybe a guy who caught my eye today.
Third Baseman Danny Valencia denies any connection to Miami PED clinic.  (Orioles.com)
When I first got the phone call, I knew I was going to be in the clear, I knew I'm not going to get in trouble because there's nothing they are going to find on me.  I've never done anything. But the only thing that bothered me at the time was how the Orioles organization is going to perceive [it]. I thought about what [executive vice president of baseball operations] Dan Duquette is going to think, obviously what [manager] Buck [Showalter] is going to think, my teammates. That's what matters. That was my first feeling, I felt upset about that.
Starting Pitcher Tsuyoshi Wada (through interpreter Seob Yoon) on his recovery from Tommy John surgery. (Orioles.com)
Typically, with Tommy John [surgery], it takes about a year, and May was when I had the surgery. So May or June, around there, if I could go up there and be with the Orioles, that would be great. . .It's nice to see those faces again around and be with the team.  I really want to help out the team this year, because I wasn't able to last year.

February 12, 2013 – Pitchers and Catchers Report

Jon Heyman, CBS Sports, on Dan Duquette and the Orioles (CBSsports.com)
A national columnist recently ranked their offseason as 28th best of 30 teams, to which Duquette responded, “Where did he pick us last year?''
Buck Showalter on LF/DH Nolan Reimold (MASNsports.com)
I'm not going to use that P-word right now.  I kind of like the edge that Nolan's got right now. He's seen some things we've done. The whatevers and what-ifs. I do have a long memory of what Nolan was getting ready to do for us last year, and how he got hurt, so he's going to get a very patient approach. He can be a big player for us this year, something that a lot of people have forgotten about. We haven't, but also I'm not going to be constantly telling Nolan that, because he thinks that all of us have forgotten about Nolan. You can see that look in his eye. He's friendly to me, but he's got that ... Brady (Anderson) made a good point. He said, 'I'm not sure you want to take that away from him,' and I agree.
Dan Duquette after being reminded by reporters that it has been three weeks since the Orioles reached an agreement with free-agent pitcher Jair Jurrjens and the deal has yet to be finalized. (MASNsports.com)
Is that how long it's been? Time flies, doesn't it? We should have it resolved in the next couple of days.