TBS Production for the AL Wild Card and ALDS

I thought that the TBS coverage of the Wild Card game in Texas and the Division Series against the Yankees was sub-standard. I fully admit to be being an announcing snob - 99% of the time, I don’t feel that the announcers for most sporting events are doing anything to help add to the game. Paul and I often watch the MASN regular season broadcasts without the sound on, especially when the Orioles are playing another contender. This is a sad but true reality.

Playoff Bound

In a season where . . .

. . . Chris Davis pitched two scoreless innings, struck out Adrian Gonzalez and Jarrod Saltalamachia swinging, and picked up the Win after an 0-8, 5 K performance at the plate;

. . . The Orioles have won sixteen consecutive extra-inning games after losing their first two extra-inning contests on the season;

. . . The Orioles have posted an unprecedented 28-9 record (.757 winning percentage) in one-run games;

. . . The O’s have used FIFTY-TWO different players; and

. . . The Orioles have continued to win despite non-existent expectations and poor underlying statistical performances . . .

Tracking the AL East & Wild Card Races

Below is the Observer playoff tracker for the next two weeks.  I picked the categories that I did because I think they provide the simplest and clearest snapshot of where the teams currently are and what they need to do in order to make the playoffs. I left out winning percentages of the remaining opponents because I am not sure how much that truly matters at this juncture.  I think it muddles the picture a little too much.  Yes, the Tigers have their last 13 games against teams that are well under .500.  They also have so much room in the wild card race to make up that they would have to post a 13-4 record to even reach 90 wins – a milestone the O’s can reach by simply going 8-8.  At this point, the wins and the number of games back or ahead really tell most of the story.  No team has such an easy schedule or such a difficult schedule that it really puts them at a tremendous advantage or disadvantage at this point.  If the Tigers were at 81 or 82 wins at this point with an easy schedule coming up, then maybe it would be more of a factor but it really isn’t right now.

What the Orioles Need to do to Reach the Playoffs

With twenty-two games left in the 2012 regular season, we are finally at the point where we can say it – this next stretch will determine the Orioles’ postseason fate. As Tim pointed out earlier day, some folks have pointing to games, series, and stretches of games all throughout the season as big tests that would reveal just who the 2012 Orioles were or weren’t.  The truth was, none of those arbitrary markers really mattered.  For a team that is at .500 or better – as the Orioles have been all season – no one good stretch of games in May necessary ensures a team will make the playoffs.  Likewise, a losing streak in July does not necessarily sink a team either.  The MLB season is just too long to make those proclamations until we really reach the end of it.