Silence can be golden

Silence. I first experienced the epic joy of silence at the September 19, 2010 Orioles vs Yankees game at Camden Yards. Down 3-2 in the bottom of the 9th, the Yankees had just brought in closer Mariano Rivera. The Yankees fans in attendance gave him a a rousing ovation. It was disgusting that a game at our home stadium had been taken over by 35,000 Yankees fans and made worse by the extremely loud reaction.

But then Luke Scott hit a solo home run to tie the game. After the Orioles fans had our celebration, the rest of the inning was pitched in a deafening silence, because the Yankees fans didn't know how to react. Their houlier than thou attitude had been crushed and they fell silent.

It was a terrific couple of minutes, made only better by a Ty Wigginton walk off double to send the Yankees fans home disappointed.

Silence can be amazing.