The every day minutia

Going to almost every home game (and watching every inning of every other game) leads to two things. First, each game is taken very seriously and every move is scrutinized. Second, wins and losses seem much more important on a daily basis, even though throughout the course of a season, losses are INEVITABLE and even the best teams will lose. That doesn't make the loss any easier, but it does give a little perspective. On Saturday Night, Paul was frustrated by Luis Ayala having to pitch two innings, despite the game being completely in hand. This was due to Kevin Gregg still being on the roster, despite Buck refusing to use him unless he is absolutely needed because every other option is crossed off. The 10-1 lead made me think about the move a little less that night, though I agree fully in principle.

On Sunday, Nolan doubles to lead off the game and starts to steal third on an 0-2 pitch to JJ Hardy. Nolan has the bag stolen but JJ hits a hard line drive right at the second basemen, who doubles Nolan up. It was pretty clearly a hit and run. The Orioles Observer stance on hit and running is simple: don't do it. This ate at me throughout the game as we couldn't get anything going and another one of those "what if" scenario's crossed my mind. At the end of the day, we won but I still like our chances of a run with Nolan at 3rd, even if JJ had to take strike three.