The next 14 games

The upcoming 14 games against the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, and Rays will tell a lot about the direction of this season for the O's. While I am still ecstatic about the start of the season and this most recent home stand, it is still way too early to start throwing around playoffs. I came into the season with a .500 season being a big win for the Orioles and a step forward towards the post season. And if somehow we are able to shock the world and get to the playoffs this year, I will be out of my mind with excitement. But for now, the next 14 games will tell us a lot. The first six are on the road against the Yankees and Red Sox. Paul wishes the series were in reverse order and it makes sense. The Yankees are the tougher opponent and I would rather deal with them second. The Red Sox, regardless of starting slow, just can't come out and beat the Orioles because they are the Red Sox. That is a thing of the past. Not so much with the Yankees, at least for the time being. For now, a 3-3 or even 2-4 road trip would leave us in good shape. Of course, I don't want to see any losses but am also realistic. Even if we are swept, we still come back to Baltimore at .500.

The home stand is where the test will really pick up. Four against the Rangers, 3 against the Rays, and 2 against the Yankees. Being at home will help, but combined with the two series road trip, it's a pretty brutal schedule. I think we will have a much more solid idea of where this team is heading come Wednesday, May 16.