Speculation on Rotation Shuffling

There are reports that Buck Showalter might be rearranging the O’s rotation for the series starting Friday in Boston.  Nobody is exactly sure what that means.  Does it means just moving around the existing five starters, skipping someone’s turn, or replacing a pitcher in the rotation?  The latter doesn’t seem very likely and the first option would appear to be unnecessary shuffling.  My guess is that Buck might do the following: 

  • Skip Tommy Hunter’s regular turn in the rotation, which would be Saturday in Boston.  Hunter goes to the bullpen until making his next start on Tuesday at home against the Rangers.  Hunter, despite getting good results in his last start, has been shaky.  His velocity has not been great and there is some speculation he is dealing with a nagging injury.  Skipping his spot this weekend would give him a little extra rest to get healthy.
  • Chen, Hammel, and Matusz, and Arietta are kept on regular 5-days rest rest and pitch Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, respectively. 

Just a feeling I have, with absolutely no concrete support behind it.  If the O’s are going to make some rotation changes, those seem to make the most sense.  It also allows the O’s to go with a strong starting pitching lineup against the Red Sox on the road in the often pitcher-unfriendly environment of Fenway Park.