I'm disappointed with Baltimore sports fans. The low turn out for the Orioles return to OPACY after a 5-1 road trip against the Yankees and Red Sox, with the best record in baseball, produced a mere 11,000+ in attendance. To those that were at the game, the crowd was about as fired up as 11,000 people can get early on. But this isn't being written for those who were at the game.

Baltimore is supposedly a good sports town. Every fall we see the entire region draped in purple jersey's.

The thing is, it's easy to root for a winner. I could just as easily hop on the Nationals bandwagon.  I am in the DC/Baltimore region and the O's have not been good for a while.  But that will never happen because the Orioles are my baseball team.

"But they have had 14 losing seasons so I'm not going to believe it until we are in July..."

"This team has betrayed me before..."

"I won't support the Orioles until Angelos is gone..."

Cut the bullshit.

No excuses.

If you are able to live in the present, the O's are still tied for first in the AL East with the second best record in baseball.

Get out to the games this week.

If you can't do that, you are no longer needed as a fan of the Orioles. No need to even drop your Orioles card at the door - just throw it in the trash.

No more excuses.