Nobody was Right

About a month ago I wrote an entry looking back at some national analysts' preseason predictions for the Orioles.  You can find that post here: Looking Back at the Predictions

I have been updating the post periodically, every time the Orioles fly past another another mark.  Well, on Sunday with the Orioles win vs. Oakland and the Red Sox loss to the Blue Jays, the final milestone was reached.  With the outcomes of those games, it officially made it impossible for the Red Sox to win more games than the Orioles this season.  In other words, the Orioles were assured of finishing no worse than 4th in the AL East in 2012.  Several publications specifically picked the O's to finish 5th in the AL East - which was the last hurdle listed in my original post that the Orioles had to overcome.

We can now officially say that the Orioles have surpassed any and all expectations placed on them at the start of this season.  Regardless of what happens with the Orioles over the next two weeks and with the post season, I think that fact alone makes this season an unmitigated success.