Showalter's Season

Not that I or anyone else should be considered a good second guesser of Showalter but the times I have done so the last part of this season usually worked in his favor. For example, on Saturday, I was thinking "why is he continuing to give Thome at bats today when he looked horrible and we are fighting for our lives in this game?"  Of course, I know that with Betemit and Markakis out, we really don’t have a good left handed hitter to be a DH or a pinch hitter if we want to go with almost a completely lefty line-up or need a good left handed pinch hitter.   I thought it would be better having Thome take more swings in batting practice especially since he looked so bad in his earlier at bats).  Then he gets a key hit in the 12th and another great hit yesterday in the 9th so I guess those five awful at bats on Saturday were worth it.

I can’t remember the exact other times I’ve questioned one of Showalter’s decisions lately but like this situation, he usually turned out to be correct and over the short run decisions like that are probably no better than a 50-50 shot especially when you talk about hitters where the odds of 30-70 are good for the manager.

A nice day for a doubleheader.  I hope you guys are saying that when you leave after the second game tonight.