The Destination

Being rationale during an emotional event like the Orioles 3-2 loss is hard. I get that. But c'mon everyone. It's a loss, it's a sucky loss, but its not the end of the world. It's also not heartbreaking. I know what heartbreaking is and a sports team losing isn't heartbreaking. It just isn't. Does it suck? Yes. Bt there are PLENTY of things more important in life than a baseball, football, insert your favorite sporting event.

I say this coming from the perspective of living and dying with this team over my entire life and especially the past five years. And I guarantee that I have spent more money, time, and energy on the O's than all the people bitching and moaning about a hard fought, 3-2, 12 inning loss.

This series isn't over. And even if it does end tomorrow, it was an absolutely amazing journey. People forget that it isn't always about the destination but about the journey. Winning is awesome, no denying that, but its not the be all, end all to everything.