What a ride

When I went to Disney World in 6th grade, Splash Mountain was a new ride that was highly attractive to a kid because it combined the storytelling abilities of Disney to lure in your parents but also enough thrill in the cool semi-rollercoaster drop and the varying amounts of water you could get on yourself during that drop. It wasn’t technically a rollercoaster and for me, that was alright because straight up rollercoasters weren’t my thing. That is, until 2012.

The Baltimore Orioles 2012 rollercoaster season, the single most amazing sports season I’ve ever seen, is over but what an epic ride it was. Like Splash Mountain in 6th grade, I wanted to stay on the ride as long as possible and while I would have loved to see this team go further, I’m anything but disappointed.

Over the next few weeks at Orioles Observer, Paul and I will be looking back at the 2012 season. We’ll have a full report on our road trip to Texas for the Wild Card game, favorite moments of 2012, and much more.