Ever Forward

"Ever Forward" - a phrase often said on the greatest radio show of all time, Don and Mike

The Orioles finally posted the “We’re Glad You Came” video and with that, I’m finally ready to recognize that the 2012 season is over.

It’s a scary proposition, trying to come to terms with something as futile as one season of baseball, but one that meant so much to me. The bigger fear is the one that I try to deny the most. What if… What if this was all a fluke and next year it is back to the same old story? The rationale part of my brain knows that made up, “what if?” stories are meaningless. They only lead to more anxiety, which is almost always unnecessary and wrong. But the rationale part of my brain doesn’t always function the way I wish it would.

Living life with “what if’s” defeats the entire purpose of how to live. This is true of baseball, families, jobs, etc. It’s hard to not think this way - you protect yourself if things don’t work out but in the process, miss out on all the other wonderful possibilities that life (or the Orioles) has to offer.

On September 29, 2011, after the Orioles walked off to defeat the Red Sox and eliminate them from the playoffs, I asked Paul how this moment could be topped. His answer was simple: the playoffs.

I didn’t believe him all winter and even into the early part of summer. By mid-August, I finally understood.  I had never experienced a full season chase at the playoffs and it was new to me.  And I was apart of something so special that I’m asking the same question again: how can 2012 be topped?

And the answer really doesn’t matter. Living through a means of trying to top one event after the other will always fail in the end for a simple reason. Nothing stays on top forever. So you just hope for the best, live in the moment, and do your goddamn best to understand and accept that everything happens for a reason.  And you go from there.