2012 Game of the Year: #10 vs. Tampa Bay Rays - September 13

This was a rare game.

  • Series finale
  • With a win, the Orioles sweep the series and increase the lead between the two teams
  • 12:35 pm start time
  • Extra innings
  • 13th inning for the Orioles: bases loaded, no outs… but no runs
  • Orioles rookie 3B Manny Machado singles home the game winner in the bottom of the 14th for another walk off and another extra inning win.

How is that rare?

Nothing that happened on the field was rare, especially for the 2012 Orioles.

What was rare was I was in attendance by myself, with Paul at work.

Paul decided, rightfully so, that missing a 12:35 game after winning the first two games of the series against the Rays, was worth skipping so come playoff time, there wouldn’t be any issues getting off for potential day games in the playoffs.

I had season tickets for this game, so instead of sitting in lower left field, I was up in 336, where the “resurgent” fans who didn’t get in on the $8 lower left field pricing were sitting. This lead to lots of grumbling and moaning on every missed opportunity by the Orioles. It doesn’t surprise me that these fans wouldn’t know that just because one opportunity is missed that another won’t open. This is especially true with this Orioles team.

The 13th inning, bases loaded, no out situation was the height of this and I shook my head every time someone moaned and complained. I knew the O’s don’t lose in extra innings but these people haven’t a clue.

The 14th lead to Manny dumping a single that Rays left fielder Matt Joyce dove for but couldn’t come up with. “O-MAZING” flashed on the scoreboard and fans got treated to another “Orioles Magic” song and moment.

Just under six hours is a lot of time to spend by yourself, especially at a sporting event, which is more social than most sports. It was well worth it.