Game of the Year: #1 at Texas Rangers - October 5

We already wrote - A LOT - about the first ever American League Wild Card game and our experiences traveling to Texas for the game.  So I will direct you to our 5-part Road Report and keep this write up brief.

On Saturday night, Tim and I sat and watched the entire replay of the Wild Card game when it was rebroadcasted on MASN for the first time since its original airing on TBS.  Six months later, the game still brings a smile to my face.  I've often told Yankee fans that I feel sorry for them.  I feel sorry for them - I always explain - because they will never get to experience rooting for a team that is not expected to win but then does win.  They will never know what it is like to go through years of following a losing team only to finally reap the reward of winning.  I said these things as a way of counteracting the inherent smugness of your common Yankee fan.  I am not positive I fully believed what I was saying, though.  After October 5th, I am sure I believe it.

If there is such a thing as having a religious experience at a baseball game, I think I had it that night (and I am only partially joking).  There was something incredibly cathartic about surrounding the visitor's dugout with a few hundred diehard O's fans after Nate McLouth clutched the final out in his glove.  I would be an Orioles fan even if they never ever won, but of course part of rooting for any team is because you hope to won day see them become a winner.  It was as if at that moment, the 14 years of bad memories were washed away.  It was made even better by seeing the players on the field celebrating the victory with as much joy as Orioles fans were all around the country.

I am not usually this maudlin - believe me - but I'll be damned if October 5th was not the greatest sporting moment I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

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