Depth Chart Update - April 1, 2013

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Rosters are finally set.

The Orioles made their final roster decision on Saturday, choosing Steve Pearce over Conor Jackson for the final bench spot.  The next day the organization made several housekeeping moves to finalize the Opening Day roster, including officially placing Tsuyoshi Wada, Wilson Betemit, and Steve Johnson on the 15-day DL.  Also on Sunday, the Orioles announced preliminary "breaking camp" rosters for the four full season minor league affiliates.  The depth chart reflects the minor league rosters as reported by Steve Melewski of  Please note that each affiliate has more than 25 players listed.  I've included the "over flow" players under the "Reserve Roster" heading.  Full season minor league clubs can generally carry more than 25-man players but only 25 players can be active for any one game.  I used my own discretion in determining which players would be in this fringe pool to start the season.

The Orioles also made two acquisitions over the weekend, signing veteran RHP Freddy Garcia and acquiring veteran relief pitcher Scott Proctor from San Francisco for cash.  Both pitchers are expected to open the season in Norfolk.  Garcia will be give a handful of starts before the Orioles reevaluate him.

With the 2013 season now officially under way, here are a couple of notes on how I plan on handling future depth chart updates:

1.  For starters, relievers, and bench players the positioning will be done at my own discretion.  The starting rotations are positioned from 1-5 (or 1-6) based on who is most likely to be promoted or called up at any given time and are not necessary a reflection of the actual rotation order.  For example, Zach Clark is scheduled to to pitch the Tides' season opener but Zach Britton and Jair Jurrjens are clearly ahead of him right now in terms of possible promotions, so he is listed in the rotation accordingly.

2.  I plan on utilizing a simple color code for the season.  Green will indicate a promotion, red for a demotion, and yellow for a playing moving either up or down (or to the DL) but not switching teams.

3.  In conjunction with depth chart updates (but in separate posts and possible at separate times), I will provide Stock Picks showing 3-5 players whose stock has gone up and 3-5 players whose stock as fallen since the last update.  Rather than implement a convoluted system right into the depth chart to reflect this information, I am going to try and make it its own weekly/bi-weekly post.

4.  I added a feature to the bottom of the depth chart showing the next 5 starting pitchers, 5 relievers, and 10 outfielders/infielders due up in case a player is needed in Baltimore.  Since Buck has indicated that he will draw from Bowie and Norfolk for reinforcements (as the team did last season) I felt something like this was needed to better capture the positioning of the organization's depth.  For example, their might be five starters at Norfolk sometime during the season but Bundy and/or Gausman might be ahead of a couple of those pitchers in terms of getting a call up.  This box will reflect that.  Also, the idea is if the O's needed a player right this second, these are the players they would call up which means guys currently on the DL are left off.

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