The Lessons of Baseball

I often muse about the fact that following sports is kind of silly when there are so many more important ways I could be spending my time, especially with my family. But sports teach us so much about life: you have to hold on to hope when all hope seems lost, control your emotions when the most frustrating things happen so you don't make things worse, and not let the exhaustion and tension wear you down so much you have trouble functioning as best you can. And they mirror life in a million other ways too.
For sheer entertainment, there's nothing I've found that can match the drama of baseball. Watching movies or reading fiction involve suspending disbelief, and you don't have to do that with baseball -- preposterous as events sometimes are, they're really happening.
I agree with so many posters who have commented that this team was so easy to identify with because our players were hard-working, got every ounce of talent they could out of themselves, played like a team, and showed historic resilience and faith in themselves by winning a ridiculous number of close games. That they were a group of good guys who so obviously got along and had so much fun made it that much more special.
Hearing players talk about wanting to stay here, or about what a tight clubhouse this is, or how much fun they're having; seeing the look on Buck's face when he was watching his team celebrate at Texas, and hearing how he's fallen in love with the city; having Adam Jones sign a contract extension; hearing the Yankees talk about what a dogfight this season was with the Orioles and how convinced they are that we'll be a force to reckon with for a long time -- all these are so incredibly gratifying for all of us who lived through the Confederate money phase of this organization's existence.
I posted months ago how I truly felt bad for all the disbelievers who refused to watch the games or come to the stadium until this thing or that thing had happened, because they were only shooting themselves in the foot, and punishing the players for the sins of their predecessors. All those people missed out on a once or twice a generation season, at least for this franchise. Lucky us for being a part of it.

- Orange Crayon Jesus at Rock Kubatko's School of Roch blog in the comments section on 10/15/2012