Righting the Wrongs

The Orioles 11-game, 11-day west coast road trip opened up last night with a 10–2 win against the A’s. It’s a nice start to a road trip that has been unkind to the Orioles in the past.

Say what you want about the poor scheduling (20 games in a row, 11 of them on the west coast, including two four-game series) but this is an opportunity for the team to right the wrongs of the past 15 years in Oakland, as well as some miserable trips to Seattle and Los Angeles.

When a team is bad in a certain circumstance for so long, as a fan it is sometimes hard to mentally adjust to that difficulty. Add 14 seasons of that and the toll is even heavier. But in the post Dave Trembley era of the Orioles, some of the wrongs of the past have began to be righted.

The years and years of Red Sox fans taking over Camden Yards slowed greatly, mostly due to the way the O’s have played Boston since September 2011. A 4–2 record in September 2011 and a 13–5 regular season record in 2012, including a sweep in Fenway in the first series of 2012, made the years of annoying Red Sox fans slightly less aggrevating.

The Yankees ship was righted last year by taking all three road series and finishing at .500 over the 18 game series en route to meeting in the ALDS. A lot of analysts talk about the Yankees getting back of all their talent as the season goes on. Let’s not forget that the Orioles played .500 baseball in 2012. What once would have been a “Yankees are so lucky” can be viewed differently.

Oakland has been as bad, if not worse, than the Red Sox and Yankee situations of the past. In Oakland, the Athletics have been ruthless in winning games and series against the Orioles. Not everything stays the same and when you put something positive into the equation, eventually something good will happen. It’s taken a little longer for it to happen in Oakland, but the start of this road trip is a good indicator of where the positives are trending.