A Model of Consistency

It is easy to get caught up in what the Orioles – or any team – are not doing well or could do better.  Overall the 2013 Orioles have been a remarkably consistent team out of the gate in 2013.  Consistency on its own is not necessarily an indicator of anything positive.  The Orioles’ have for the most part been consistently good – they are winning games at a steady pace, putting up runs on the board nightly (they have been held to less than two runs only three times through the first 38 games), and have not been more than 3 1/2 games out of first place in the AL East since the start of the season.

Here is a little closer look at the O’s early season consistency.

No Streaking

Last 10 Games:  7-3

Last 20 Games:  13-7

Last 30 Games:  19-11

The Orioles have had ten game stretches of 7-3, 6-4, and 6-4 over their past 30 games.  As the season wares on, the Orioles are sure to go on at least a couple of extended winning and losing streaks.  It happens to every team, every year.  Through the first 38 games, however, the Orioles have been nothing short of a steady, consistent, winning club.  No streaks here – not yet.  The team was 4-4 to start the season.  Since then, the Birds have been a picture of consistency winning 6, 6, and 7 games in each of their last three ten game stretches.  They have not gone on a run but perhaps more importantly, they haven’t gone into a slump at any time either.

No Sweeping

The Birds are 9-3 in series on the year.  They have not swept a series nor have they been swept.  Baltimore has played two four-game series with the other ten series being three game affairs.  That all adds up to two series where they have gone 3-1, seven series wins of 2-1, and three series losses of 1-2.  The key takeaway once again is the steady winning ways this Orioles team has demonstrated so far in 2013.  They have not been able to complete a sweep but they are doing a tremendous job in winning series nonetheless.  When the team has lost a series, they have still managed to take one game and therefore lessen the damage.

Home or Away

While the Orioles have spent far more time on the road then home the season (60.6% of their games have taken place away from Oriole Park at Camden Yards), it has not deterred them.  In fact, the Orioles have been just as good in visitor parks as they have been in the comfort of their home ball park.  The O’s are 9-6 at home and 14-9 in the road.  That works out to a .600 home winning percentage and a .609 road winning percentage.  At home, the O’s have scored 4.87 runs per game and allowed 4.4 runs per game.  Away from OPACY, they have scored 5.09 runs and allowed 4.17 runs.  Going by runs scored and allowed, the O’s have been a slightly more productive team on the road but with such a small sample size the difference is virtually meaningless.  The Orioles have won at about a 60% clip regardless of whether they have been at home or on the road.