[Road to 90 Wins] Buck and the Birds Take Down the Yankees


"' 'I know what you are doing.' Yelling it, body language and pointing at me and stuff and that was it. I'm a grown man, no one is going to yell at me on a baseball field. I just said, 'You don't know anything and you don't even know me to be yelling at me."

- 3rd Base Coach Bobby Dickerson on Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi made an ass out of himself.  CC Sabathia struggled and was quite frankly lucky to get through seven innings with only four runs allowed.  Yankee fans started "Let's Go Yankees" chants at odd times.  

In other words, nothing really unexpected. 

With every additional outing, Chris Tillman solidifies his position as a true top of the rotation starter.  Tillman's pitching and some aggressive base running powered the Orioles to a 4-1 victory over New York. 

 Current Record:  77 - 66

Games Remaining:  19

Recorded Needed for 90 Wins:  13 - 6