Keith Law on the Ubaldo Jimenez signing

I feel like posting this is a jinx to Jimenez's physical but something has got to go the O's way this offseason.  From Keith Law's ESPN Insider piece on the signing:

The Ubaldo Jimenez that the Orioles are hoping they'll get is the version we saw in that second half, sitting mid-90s, throwing more strikes, missing more bats with the fastball so he can get to the plus slider and above-average splitter. If you're just grading out the pitches, he'll have outings in which he pitches with three 60s or better, and now he sometimes he can harness that stuff as well. For roughly $12 million a year, it seems like a bargain; the risk here is that Baltimore just guaranteed that salary for four years to a guy who has had, speaking broadly, two good half-seasons in his major league career.

Something Paul and I have been talking about is what we would like to see happen with Kevin Gausman.  If Gausman was our fifth starter when the Orioles break camp, it would have been fine with us.  The Jimenez signing does allow more breathing room for Gausman to refine his slider in AAA and come up mid year as a real weapon:

Gausman's slider was at its best in September when he was working in relief, and when he carries that over to a starting role, he'll be ready not just to pitch in the major league rotation but to do well in it. If Gausman looks ready in March, they could bump Yoon or Bud Norris to the bullpen, but if not they have a little more depth now with Ubaldo on board and Mike Wright also available for the fifth spot.