Keith Law on Hunter Harvey's fastball

Keith Law (ESPN Insider) on Hunter Harvey's outing against the Hagerstown Sun from yesterday afternoon:

I last scouted Harvey exactly one year ago, and his stride is still moderate with a leg swing rather than a step-over, and his release point is a little higher -- he's still finishing over his front side, but not extending as far as he did in high school. But he's more fluid now, with less effort, yet without losing any arm speed. I have heard of better velocity from Harvey, but 92-94 with this kind of sink and a swing-and-miss curveball will be a deadly combination if he can just work in an average changeup. 

The pitching depth in the minors is certainly the O's organizational strength at this point.  Velocity isn't usually as important as fastball location.  Without the command, 96-98 mph doesn't matter as much.  

Case in point - Zach Britton.  Command of his sinking fastball was half of the missing equation (with health being the other).