Buck on the best from Spring Training


From Masnsports.com Roch Kubatko:

"We wanted Brian to get the feel for his changeup back and start," Showalter said. "If we had an injury or some trade had happened or something, Brian... Because nobody had a better spring than him with the exception of maybe Zach (Britton). So, with Troy being out, we wanted to make sure that we had a feel for the left-handed part of that, especially with four right-handed starters. And making sure you have length."

Obviously the changeup was a huge point of emphasis over the winter.  


Orioles by Position: Starting Pitchers

In the starting pitching entry of this series, we go with a bit different format in assessing what the Orioles will need from their starters in order to succeed this season.  This is a group lacking a true star but with quality in spots #1 all the way through #6.  As other teams - notably the 2013 Cleveland Indians - have show, sometimes that is enough for a postseason berth.

How the Nelson Cruz Signing Might Help Shape the Bench

The acquisition of Nelson Cruz – when/if it becomes official today – will impact the chances some other players have t fmake the club out of spring training.  The players this signing impacts and the nature of that impact might be a little different than it would appear at first glance.